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It helps to know before-hand as much as possible what to expect when registering a device. To that end, I figured it would be a good idea to type up a list of questions and chat with magicJack support about it. What follows below is my chat session with Jeaniza. I made an effort to frame my questions in such a way that it would be easy to answer with a simple “Yes” or “No”. Some of the answers surprised me, so I had to rephrase and ask additional questions, but overall, I think I learned a lot about the registration process before actually doing it.

Update: 2012.12.17: For the holiday season, magicJack has been adding the six months to transfers, when you upgrade from any previous version magicJack to the 2014 version, not ust giving you a choice between 6 months or whatever’s left on your transfer. For the first time from magicJack, it’s sort of like transfer “rollover minutes”. Early adopters did not have this choice. If your device had less than six month, you did’t transfer – just let the old device lapse. If your device had years left, you could transfer, but lose the six month advantage for buying the new device.  I’m not sure how long this behavior will last with magicJack, but if you were thinking of transferring, especially from the USB-only version, this might be the best time to do it.

Pre Registration QuestionsPlease wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with ‘Jeaniza’

Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK1115309951589X

Jeaniza: Hello, how may I help you?

Jeaniza: May I know the exact nature of your problem with full details please?

Chris: I just bought the magicJack plus 2014. I’m planning on registering it today, but I have some questions before I begin.

Jeaniza: Sure

Jeaniza: Please feel free to ask

Chris: I found this image of the transfer service option provided by magicJack chat support: Do you have link to a list of similar images that show the entire registration process so I can see what likely options there are before I have to make a decision?

Jeaniza: Yes, on the registration process, you will be given those options and it is up to you whether you will proceed or not.

Chris: Do you have a list of similar images linked in a help page that will let me see what the options are before I begin the registration process?

Jeaniza: Unfortunately non at this time, Chris.

Chris: If I register it with a new number assigned by magicJack, I get six free months of service on the new device, is that correct?

Jeaniza: Yes, that is correct.

Chris: I have the magicJack Talk Free app, and I notice that I can switch between the “magicNumber” and my existing phone number named “home”. When I add a new device with a new phone number, will I have the ability to switch the app so it can use the phone number from either magicJack plus device?

Chris: Hello?

Jeaniza: One moment please…

Jeaniza: Thank you for waiting.

Jeaniza: Yes, you can switch phone numbers under your account.

Jeaniza: After switching the phone number, all you need to do is unplug and re-plug the device or restart the app for the new number to be activated.

Chris: That was actually going to be my next question. Thank you. If I have two magicJack pluses, on the “Phone Numbers” tab when I’m logged in on the website, is it possible to temporarily put both devices on the same number? Is it possible to switch numbers between devices using the “Number” field pulldown menu?

Chris: (Of course after I re-plug the device.)

Jeaniza: Yes, you can use the same phone numbers on both your magicJack devices at the same time. When there is an incoming call, both phones will ring.

Chris: I notice in the “Phone Numbers” tab, when I’m logged in on the website that I can assign a new US phone number to my existing device for a straight $10 fee. If I were to move, it might be nice to do this so my number is local to the city I’m in. I will not be charged a yearly fee afterward for changing number assignments by area code, but only the $10 service fee, is that correct?

Chris: (Just a one time fee?)

Jeaniza: Yes, that is correct.

Chris: Currently, I have about 105 days of service left on my magicJack plus labeled “Home”. If I transfer service from my existing device to my new 2014 device, will I have 105 days left on my new device, or will I get 180 days (6 months) on the new device?

Jeaniza: You will get the 105 days with the new device 2014 magicJack PLUS, please be advised that once you transfer the subscriptions from your old device the six months of service associated with the new device will be forfeited.

Chris: So the only time the 6-months free option is avialable is if I order a new number for the device, is that correct?

Chris: (If I order a new number while registering a new device.)

Jeaniza: You can still register it using the same phone number but you must select the option to register it as a new device and NOT as a replacement with your old device.

Chris: So I would register with the first option as shown on (Register as a new device.) after which I would be given the option of using an existing phone number or begin given a new assigned phone number or buying a vanity number, correct?

Jeaniza: Yes, that is correct.

Chris: If I decided at the time of registration to use my existing number for my existing magicJack device, then at a later time realized that my new device should have had its own phone number, will it cost me anything to make that change, given that I only have one phone number between two phones? Is getting the second phone number still a free option after registration?

Jeaniza: I will be right with you.

Chris: OK

Jeaniza: You can add a new phone number on your new device for free if you wish to change its number later after registration.

Jeaniza: You can only do the free change if you will register it using the same phone number and that can only be done once.

Chris: After that, it’s $10 for every time I want to change my phone number, for instance if I move to a new city, correct?

Jeaniza: Yes, that is correct.

Chris: My magicJack APP mobile device says it will renew on 12/31/2013. When I look at the app on google play, it seems to suggest the app is free, but when I look at the “Add a Year” option on the Phone Numbers tab when I’m logged in to the website, it looks I’ll be charged $19.95 on 12/31/2013. Is this true? Will I be charged for the app on that date if I have it set to autmatically renew?

Jeaniza: Yes, that is true that the renewal of app only costs $19.95 and it will automatically renew.

Chris: So why is the app showing as free on google play?

Jeaniza: We offered the app a free version where you can get a special number that starts with asterisk, that free version is only good for 30 days, after 30 days, you still need to pay $19.95 for the renewal.

Chris: Does this include its own free telephone number, or will I be using one of my telephone numbers from my existing magicJack pluses?

Jeaniza: You will be using one of the telephone numbers you have if you will opt to use the trial but if you will pay $19.95, you can change its number for free once.

Chris: So if I use one of my existing magicJack plus numbers, I don’t have to pay $19.95?

Jeaniza: You do not need to pay if you will download the free trial and use one of the phone numbers under your account.

Chris: So all I have to do is set the app so that it doesn’t automatically renew, and the free version stays as it is, correct?

Jeaniza: Yes, that is correct.

Chris: Coming back to the number assignment on my new 2014 device. Using a new device with a number from my first magicJack, if I wait six months until I move, I can still add a new number for free (one-time only) to the new device, correct?

Jeaniza: Yes, that is correct.

Chris: Jeaniza, I think you’ve answered all of my questions. I really appreciate the time you took to help me figure out the best way to go.

Jeaniza: Is there anything else I may help you with today?

Jeaniza: You’re welcome. Please click on the link below:

Jeaniza: To be eligible for your reward, please click here. Your reward instructions will be emailed to you. Thanks again!

Chris: You should know, the reward instructions never show up. I’ve been offered this several times, but have never seen it. (It’s not in my spam folder either.) Is there an email address I should white-list?

Chris: Can you tell me what the reward is?

Jeaniza: The feature under your account which enables you to receive the reward is turned off. That is the reason why you were not able to receive it.

Jeaniza: Please turn it on.

Jeaniza: Login to the account and hover the mouse under “Account” and click on “Do Not Contact”. In there, turn it on.

Chris: Got it!

Jeaniza: Good

Chris: That solves the puzzle. Thank you.

Chris: Good day to you.

Jeaniza: You may click on the reward link now and was for the email notification.

Jeaniza: Good day too.

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