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We’ve been through the order process, and seen it unboxed. Now it’s time to register the device. Watch as I show how to maximize options that will allow you to try out the new device without entirely dropping the service with your old magicJack device. This registration process is geared toward the person who already owns a magicJack device and has an active magicJack account.* Nevertheless, it may help to look at what you’ll be seeing during registration even if you are a new magicJack owner before you are confronted with the same screens so you can be somewhat prepared, so please read on!

When I attempted to register with the device connected directly to the router via ethernet, I was unable to make my computer’s browser see the fact that the magicJack plus 2014 was connected. I made changes to my router, including checking firewall settings, and removing magicJack-approved port forwards. A number of other early adopters have had similar experiences. This looks like a case of magicJack’s geeks testing out device registration from inside the factory complex, but not really testing it out in enough people’s homes.

So I took the standard route and plugged the device into the USB port instead. The magicJack dialpad came up, upgraded for the 2014 device and just stood there. I figured, why not try again, even though I knew the device would not have an exposed MAC ID. Of course I got the same screen telling me the device could not be found. It was only then that I looked closer at the advertisement on the left side of the dialpad.

I’m so used to seeing an advertisement or coupon or upsell attempt in that space that my brain seems to have filtered it out for the first couple minutes. Frankly, the directions look like an ad, so it’s easy to scan right past it. Once I realized I actually needed to click that ad to get the process started, it went pretty smoothly.

Here’s a flowchart of the method I used. If javascript is enabled, a much larger image will appear on your screen in a frame when you click the image below. Click the X at the bottom of the image frame or outside the frame to make it disappear again.

Registration Flow Chart for the magicJack Plus 2014

While registration wasn’t really painful, it was a bit tedious trying to figure out exactly how to get it to work. Hopefully my pain will be your gain. Let me know in the comments below how your experience fared.

At some point before mid November, I have to decide whether to decommission one of the devices by clicking “off’ in the “AutoRenew” column when I’m logged in to the magicJack website. Right now, both the old and new devices sound about the same. Perhaps call quality is better for those with low-bandwidth DSL connections, but I hear no additional quality in the newer device. If anything it seems lower in volume. Stay tuned for the audio smackdown coming soon!

*If you do not already have a magicJack and you are tempted to transfer your existing non-magicJack number, please note that it’s a toss-up as to whether it’s worth transferring your current home or cell number. It costs extra on a yearly basis. You could use a number assigned to you by magicJack for the area code and exchange you select at no additional cost, instead of transferring your number.

Consider: instead of transferring immediately, use an assigned number at no additional cost for now. Get used to the device. Forward your regular home number to the device for a while. If your experience with the magicJack is okay, you can still transfer your land-line or cell number to magicJack after-the-fact. It will cost you as much to transfer after registration as it does to transfer during. It’s better to test the waters first, eh?

For myself, I transferred my home number from AT&T to Google Voice and then used GV’s call-forward feature to forward to both magicJack and skype. There was only a one-time transfer fee to GV. Not so with magicJack. Plus, if Skype is down, magicJack is working and vice versa. If neither is working, GV picks up the voice message, and I can get it later.

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