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The magicJack 2014 just arrived. Watch me unbox it for you in this video below.

I like the smallness of the packaging. It’s set up so that two devices can be packaged together in the same size foam insert, so there may be a special twofer deal at some point in the future. While the packaging is clever, I would like to have seen it be even more environmentally friendly. Foam packaging today can be made of water soluble soy-based foam very similar in protective properties to what is seen here.

The thumbnails below are a lightbox slideshow of closeup details comparing the old magicJack plus with the new 2014 edition.

This is what you’ll get if you order the magicJack via the $30 sale coupon on the computer dialpad while it lasts.

4 items in the packagingFront of the mJ+ 2014 (left) compared with the original (right)Ethernet and phone ports (mJ+ 2014 on left)USB port for AC adapter or to connect to computerBack of mJ+ 2014 (left) compared to original (right)USB ports for USB-enabled DECT phoneWIFI (Actually microSD-sized SDIO port for WIFI add-on card)USB Extension for AC AdapterFlat Ethernet Cable - Gets stuck when attached to any ethernet portAdapter is embossed with magicJack logoclose-ups-20_thumbclose-ups-19_thumbAC Adapter Comparison Old magicJack plus (left) vs 2014 (right)magicJack 2014 next to SD card, with microSD card insertedFoam packaging - room for a second device - future selling strategy?Front Cover OutsideBack Cover Outsideclose-ups-16_thumbBack Cover InsideCover Spine Outside

More information may appear here at a later date. Stay tuned!

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